Ubercrafty in New Jersey: Will Work For Wine

Unless this is the very first time you read one of my posts, you will know by now that I have a ‘penchant’ for wine as we say in French. Combine that with a 3-night stay at my friend’s in Jersey during my annual work-play trip to the NYIGF and you have got a serious fun time on your hands. To pay for my room and board and copious amounts of red wine, I agreed to make Mrs. Figby some kitchen blinds. Instead of taking you step by step, I will first point you to her blog. Go read it, I’ll wait here….

For the record, I was not hung over, just slightly dehydrated.

We were working from this tutorial that she found online.

Let me just tell you how I tweaked it to make it work for us:

  • I don’t glue, I sew. So we measured the windows and added 2 inches on each side for seam allowance and sewed those down. I added an inch at the top, which eventually got hot glued to the very top of the mini-blind header. And I added 5 inches to the bottom: 4 inches for a large reverse hem and 1 inch to fold over. Since the first slat is installed at the edge of the 5 inches, we got a really nice heavy bottom to the blinds when they are up and they hang perfectly over the ledge of the window when they are down.
  • I didn’t glue the slats as per the tutorial. Instead, I took scraps of fabric and made 2 inch strips that were less wide then the over all blinds. Then I sewed these on to the back where I wanted to slide in the slats, much more like a traditional construction of roman blinds. It took longer than gluing them on, but the finished product is that much stronger and more polished. If you had a plain fabric or a pattern that would not be disturbed by pleating, you could just cut your blinds 2 inches longer for each slat you want to put in and make pockets in the back. For the record, the small windows have slats every 8 inches and the large windows have slats every 9.5 inches. Don’t ask my why I decided that, I guesstimated the first ones and decided we should have the same number of slats on the second one.
  • The one annoying thing is that the inexpensive mini-blinds only came with right-hand ropes. If I were to this for my house, I would hunt around for either reversable blinds or try to find some used ones that have a right and a left-hand rope to have the ropes on the outside. Luckily for me, my *client* didn’t seem to mind!

before and afters, for your enjoyment!




  1. Anna in Turin says:

    You know we have great wine in Piemonte, Italy…we just have to find the right project worth the trip!