The tale of the Ugly Hannuka sweater

if you don’t know this about me already, I am Jewish by choice, having converted before marrying my husband. Coming from a long line on non-practicing catholic French Canadians, the holidays to me meant crafting and decorating. Something Jewish holidays are sadly lacking in. I mean, really, for a group of people on year 5772, where are the crafts and decorations? I feel like I have already made Menorahs out of every possible material, from toilet paper rolls to shot glasses, plubimg pipes to old cell phones (OK, that last one wasn’t mine, a friend’s husband just did that).

I have noticed a new trend amongs my friends (and the Today show)…. The Ugly Christmas Sweater competitions/parties. And frankly I’m jealous. There is no Jewish equivalent. Well, there is now!

Take on 30$ Joe Fresh sweater (I’m sure Joe didn’t meant for it to be ugly, but frankly, it sort of is),








Cut up an old cardigan that got shrunk in the wash, sew it together, and you get the First Ugly Hannuka Sweater!


Proudest parts of this sweater: the chamash, which is meant to be higher than the others, is on the zipper, so when my husband puts it on, he ‘lights’ the sweater. And the little flames have tiny holes in them and I used the buttons from the cardi at the top of the candles, so my girls put the flames on the sweater according to what day of the holiday it is. And we are actually doing it every day!



  1. V, if they have a contest, you win hands-down! Jay, you are quite the man to actually WEAR and DISPLAY that sweater!

  2. A. says:

    I’ve said this before, I really don’t find it that ugly. And shout out to my DH on the plumbing parts…