The Swap is ON!

The swap is ON, swappers! We are 32 in total. So I split it down the middle, 16 each and gave Bobbi Jo, my Texas roomy and new BFF half the names. We called them group A and B (I’m SUPER creative, can’t you tell) and this is what we did.

I assigned each person in group A a recipient from Group B and Bobbi Jo assigned each person from Group B a recipient in Group A. This way, even I don’t know who is making me a quilt!

Let’s keep it secret for now. We can start revealing ourselves half-way through, or when you are done your quilt if you get it done early. Or keep it a secret til the end, I don’t care!

I will post reminders right here on Ubercrafty, and I will email everyone half-way through and a week before the May 31 deadline.

If you need to send a secret email to your recipient, you can go through me or Bobbi Jo, whoever sent you your partner assignment.

Have fun! and remember: Try something new and be nice!


  1. Rebecca says:

    Yay! How very exciting. Oh and I visited my swap partner’s “page” and was quite intimidated. I mean…um… inspired to do my very best.
    So much fun. Thanks for organizing.

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