the country house basement stairs

I have been going on about the stairs at the country house for months. The wood was quite worn and scratched, and it’s that lovely honey-yellow wood color that I cannot stand!!!!


The first step was wood putty. A LOT OF WOOD PUTTY.

And then, it was super easy. I used only old paint I had left over from previous projects: 2 shades from #2′s old room at the old house and 1 avocado shade left from painting a cabinet in the living room here. The tricky part was using the stairs while I was painting. So I painted one color at a time, every third step. It took me 2 days because of drying time. If you can paint your staircase and not use it, it won’t take more than 1 day to do something like this. Just start at the top and work down. The other way is IMPOSSIBLE!!!