The cottage floor, before, after and after-after

For 7 years the floor at the cottage was stained brown and totally scratched. It was worn when we bought it, and 7 years of country life with kids and dogs didn’t help it. 2 weeks ago, I moved the furniture to one side, grabbed a couple of gallons of deck/balcony paint in paper cotton white and put on 3 coats. Then I moved all the furniture to the OTHER side, put an other 3 coats and waited a week….
Last weekend we put everything back. The entire house was SO much brighter! But I didn’t *love* the kitchen… it was a bit flat… luckily, with a striped floor pin on one of my pinterest boards and 3 old paint cans from previous projects, I managed to give it exactely the right look!

Now…. I have a great idea for that ugly backplash.


  1. jessmomKaryn says:

    I am in awe…looks fab.