The bead-board backsplash makeover

wow, how did 2.5 weeks go by without a post? Oh I know! I’ve been DOING things and not posting them! My biggest issue is pictures… I want the blog to showcase my work in the best possible way, which means nice pictures. But In truth, I don’t always have my camera, and when I do, I don’t always upload the pics to my computer… Why can’t they make a good SLR that uploads by Blue-Tooth??? Anyhow, I have pictures, they are in the computer, so here you go!

This is the country house back-splash before. Some of you might like it. It was probably very trendy and fancy in 1994 when it was installed. I don’t like textured ceramic. And that sunburst drove me insane.

So off to Home Depot I went and purchased panelling… yes, the stuff people keep ripping OFF their walls, I put some up! Grant it, it’s not the ugly brown with grooves, but rather white bead-board, pretend wainscoting. In order to keep it simple, I made newspaper templates of all the sections. This kept me from needing to measure and make tons of notes. I just taped and folded the newspaper to fit exactly all the different parts of the wall around my counter:

I took my templates back to the city, where I cut the pieces in my basement. This was rather messy, as the material makes a TON of dust. So I am quite glad I did it where I did. Also, it made bringing the pieces back to the country so much easier, as the largest piece was only about 2.5 feet long and 18 inches high.

To install them, I used No-more-nails. I am not going for long-term permanent installation here. I am trying to cover up the ugly tile, brighten the room and make it look pretty for re-listing. Let the future owners figure out a better solution that will fit with their taste!

I did use a few nails here and there to hold the pieces while the glue was setting. And at the end, I sealed all the edges and the seams between pieces with white silicone. I think I might want to put a coat of white paint over the whole thing, but it actually works as is for now.