Rescued Telephone Bench


A few months back, my husband and I were driving in the car when I jumped out at a red light and shoved this in the truck of his car:


It was so…. worn out! But the lady in the car behind us, who had to wait while I closed the truck, gave me a big thumbs up and didn’t even honk when she almost missed the light!

So this beauty has been in my basement for months, waiting for it’s makeover. I really didn’t know where I was going to put it, so I wasn’t sure how to re-finish it. But then last week, out of nowhere, I realised there was nothing on the stair landing. Nowhere for my kids to put down something they was to remember to bring down in the morning… So that would be it’s home, and thus, I knew what to do with it.

First, I took it apart. Oh the glamorous side of re-upholstery.
ImageA Coat of primer helped a lot:


And here it is, in the landing, all dressed up and awaiting the library books that will surely find their way on it at night. I’m thinking of printing a picture of the finished product, putting it in a thank you card and dropping it off at the house where I got it….


Desk chair






Last week there was a big kitchen photo-shoot at my house and they also snapped pics of my eldest’s room (she has a funky mural) . But her sad standard desk chair was an eye sore, so for photo purposes, we took the funky striped knitted chair from youngest’s room. Which lead to a big Not Fair from eldest, who does not have her own knitted chair…. technically, this is cheating because it’s crochet, not knitting, but here is before and after of said desk chair.

Susie’s chair: done!





Last week, I delivered Suzie’s finished chair. This is how it turned out;
The 3rd one is the chair after delivery, in it’s spot.

Almost done!


Yesterday, Susan’s chair got 3 coats of Oxford White. But it wasn’t popping enough for my taste. So after a little email pow-wow with the owner of the chair, I added a coat of varnish and, POP!

This morning, I added a layer of cotton batting on top of the fabric. Sort of goes against upholstery law, but I have a good reason: the batting color blends in better with the knit and the fuzziness will fill in the “holes” in the knitting, making it look thicker.



Had to start over a couple of times because the cables were *eating* yarn! I was on track for 24 skeins!
But much bigger needles and a good slip cover to mask the looseness of the knit and now we are in business.

suzie’s chair, part 1

chair before

When I started knitting chairs last winter, my friend Suzie was in the process of buying a house. She came with me to the charity auction, but I told her not to buy my white chair. Instead, in exchange for a donation to my cancer fundraising, I would knit her a custom chair. Not long after, her husband left this on my back porch….

Yes, it’s a 3-legged chair….. It spent the summer on the porch, tipping over regularly whenever anyone passed it, waiting for Suzie and her decorator to give me to colors to transform it. Finally, the time has come and the transformation process has begun. First, the gutting and fixing of the leg:

With a few screws and a metal plate I had hanging around in the woodshop (yes, I have a woodshop room AND tons of weird parts and pieces), the leg is solid once again. A quick trip to the sewing room for some batting and a under-slip of white fabric and this chair is ready for its knitted sweater:

The only problem I’m having in this process is that the tool room is in the basement and the craft room in the attic. This chair has already been up and down 3 times and will need another return trip for the coat of paint! Excercise AND upholstery, all in one!



I did it. I had this crazy idea, and I did it. A knitted chair. I have no idea if anyone will bid on it at the auction, but if they don’t, I will donate the money to Mada myself and bring it back home, because frankly, I love it!

Ugly on the inside


It’s a good thing I’m always working on different projects. Right here at the cottage, I found everything I needed to gut and put the chair back together. The primer, paint, stuffing and left over fabric, the only thing I needed was a staple gun, but I was seriously lacking one of those, as evidenced by the miles of cables stuck to walls with tape! So after I finish the chair, I will FINALLY tack all these cables where they belong.

Here is chair #2, mid-makeover. The knitting is done, but I have to paint the legs before I can start to reassemble it…

Chair #1 – DONE!


It was actually finished on the weekend, but I somehow had misplaced the screws to put it back together….. But it’s all good, stronger than ever, extra-tightened. I have to say, I really like it! The yarn was all left over from various projects, and at first it was going to be a lot bolder and wilder, but as I was playing with the yarn, the tone on tones of the purples and greens just made more sense. With just a tiny pop of red and pink here and there, I think it would make a great desk chair in a girl’s room or family office.

and now, I can start on the awaiting Chair #2….

Knitted legs


the first chair is almost done….. knitting those little leg cozies was so much fun, and super fast. I decided to take the chair apart to make the pieces fit perfectly and avoid any sewing….