that is one LONG skinny scarf!

this was a special request for a very special recipient. The brief was long, skinny, bright blue or eggplant. First, I agonized over how long and how skinny. Because we are talking fashion royalty here, but when I found the yarn at the store, everything fell into place. I used 3 balls of the Babybamboo yarn. Suer nice to knit and the color is stunning, almost shiny.

Here is my girl, modeling the scarf. on her, it's wrapped 4 times, because the thing is 6 feet long!


my new favorite scarf pattern

My knitting group was asked to knit a bunch of red scarves with green fringe for the local food bank. Never mind that every single member of the knitting group, save one, are Jewish! Still, we always need excuses to knit, so we agreed, and I set out earlier this week to make one red scarf. It had to be a quick and easy project, but I didn't want to do just a plain stitch. After yet another hour spent on Ravelry, I found this pattern. Super easy, but very very textured ans squishy.

The red scarf, with one skein of donated Red Heart Bulky, in red, turned out very well.


so well in fact, that I'm making a very long, very skinny version in bright blue bamboo for a poet friend who needs something stylish to wrap around her neck a few times.