placemats, take 2

she loves her placemats, but I can’t wash them fast enough to send them back to school, especially if she has 2 days back-to-back of either meat or dairy. So I just whipped up two more, using fabric from my stash and the iron-on interfusing. No sew! I know, it’s sort of lame, but she’s got the coolest placemats in the class and the teachers love the fact that they roll up into her lunch box, so they don’t have to do the wiping!

Picture_075 you might recognize the fabric on the top one, it’s an old skirt i had already repurposed as an apron. And the bottom fabric is vintage, from an Ebay purchase my husband did a while back. I couldn’t think of what to do with it (It was a single, small curtain panel), so I just cut a corner out of it.

meat and dairy placemats

The finished size is about 8 by 11, or a standard piece of paper. Small for placemats, but since there are for a 4 year old at school, I figured it was large enough. this is essentially a no-sew project, because I was lazy and did it in front of the TV with Ultra HeatnBond. I could have zigzagged the pieces on, but I was too lazy to spend the evening in the sewing room (with no TV!)

I did stitch the front and back together with fancy stiches on the embroidery machine. If you are so inclined, you coud just HeatnBond the front to the back and avoid stiching all together.Dairy

Meat The background fabrics were both from Superbuzzy, the rest from the fabric stash.