pillow case totebag

I saw a project in last month’s Martha Stewart: making a totebag out of a pillowcase. And I just happened to have a pillow case lying around that I had been wanting to do something with for a while. It’s the green version of the pink one I used a few months back to make an apron….

Anyhow, I took my green pillow case and 4 steps later, I had a bag! I made a few changes to the pattern. Instead of sewing the outside diagonals, I sewed the inside ones, but then I sewed the outside ones halfway, ending up with two pockets.

Img_5029 Img_5031

Img_5032 I used it all day to run my errands and didn’t take a single bag from the stores. Everything I got fit in there!

Get Your Craft On! APRIL

so Aprons…… Mine is a smock-style made with a vintage pillow case and Dumpling’s is a sort of retro house-wife cut made with the front half of an A-line skirt I didn’t wear anymore. For both, I did a flickr search for retro aprons, found some I liked and pretty much made it up formthere. I find that having the mannequins really helps. I took nots on how the Project Runway people pin ribbon to the mannequins to figure out the shapes of their pieces and that’s how I figured out my armholes, neckbands, etc.

Here they are, step by step, in pictures.


Hints for #2

Img_4612 Img_4613a pillow case

trim from the estate sale box

a picture of a retro pattern found on flikr….