Procrastination Organisation


Things around Maison de Ubercrafty have been overwhelming lately (Uber-understatement, if I do say so myself!)

So today, I have stuck the kids in the basement with the Lego set of never-ending doom (Harry Potter – Hogwarts. They are on stage 9 and 10) and I have retreated to the 3rd floor craft room – yes, 3 sets of stairs separating me from the children. Don’t worry, they have no sharp implements. And I will attempt to organize my craft room.

Now, I have a spectacular space, complete with sliding-out cupboard hiding a secret nook/storage. But it is somewhat odd-shaped and I refuse to spend money to buy any storage/furniture, so I will make do with what I have….. It has never looked good in here, we have been in this house 1 year and this is the room that has gotten no attention. I have completed some projects in here, and remnants are all over the place. It doesn’t bother anyone, it’s so far upstairs and at the back that I am the only human to step foot in here. I don’t think the dogs even know this room exists!

So here it is, for all to see, my messiness, it all its Uber-messy state:


then I hung up my Keep Calm print and sat down to write this post….. not sure I’m quite getting the hang of this organisation thing….

Untagling a wire-y mess

This is my couch and my problem:

Couch_before_copy OK, not the multiple fabrics… that’s a long term project I’ve been working on. The wires. DRIVES ME NUTS! But the reality is that the laptops and the power bar have to stay, and ideally, we’d like to have the external drive around for backing up pictures and keepign large files (like movies and tv shows).

So how to deal with it, especially with 2 little kiddos proned to unplugging or tripping on the wires….

Well, I went to the home depot and had them cut a piece of mdf for me (6$ for the cuts, 19$ for the mdf)

Img_5970  And this 8 L-brackets and 2 hinges, I did this:

Couch_after Couch_after_open

I need to paint it to make it look really sharp, but man, I’m pretty proud of myself on this one!