If McGyver were a knitter….

I've been knitting up some holiday presents and found myself short a set of 5.5 mm short needles. I hade long ones, but I wanted to knit on the go so short needles are better. Anyhow, i dug in my purse and found a pair of chopsticks. For some reason, I remembered reading a blog a long time ago (or maybe in a knitting book) that anything could be turned into knitting needles: pencils, dowels, and yes, chopsticks.

Wouldn't you know it, these particular short chopsticks are a perfect 5.5 mm in the needle gauge! A little tacky glue, a pair of buttons from the kids button jar and a quick run of the nail file on the tips and voila:

Draftdodger_needles2_4  Draftdodger_needles_3

What did I knit with them? A quick short key-hole scarf that is going in a box and hitting the postal system before the end of the week. I'll say no more for now, so that the recipient stays surprised….


Earlier this week, I also attempted something I've had on my mind for a long time…. I spotted this Draft Dodger a while back, but the seller doesn't sell the pattern, only the finished product. I took a stab at it and here is what another gift recipient is going to get: