The Nina Dress done, and a few new things

nina dress

It’s already done! It was a SUPER FAST knit, though a little boring. S

eriously, it’s straight up stockinette with a few ribs and 4 holes.go for it, it’s super easy!

I know she doens’t look happy in the picture, but it’s only because I made her take off her flowy skirt and she was quite mad about that!

And now that the dress is finished, I have cast on the Michael Kors Cape from vogue 2007…. ┬áIn other news, since while I knit, I watch tv, I’ve decided to blog about that too…. I know, blog overload! You can find that one here:


Nina Dress

now that the coat is finished and hanging as a display at the knitting store until it’s cold enough for #2 to wear it, I have thrown myself head-first into the Nina Dress, also from the Milla Mia book.

This is for #1, who is as girly as they come and chose hot pink (Lang Merino 150)…. it’s pretty easy, but waaaay slower than the coat since it’s not double stranded.

Luckily, we spent Saturday at a friend’s cottage and I got hours to work on it on the side of the lake, and then a few more hours around the kitchen table because the rain forced us in.

Back is done, half-way up the front, should be done by Tuesday Knit Night, because I have about 4 projects i want to work on for me next!

OCD Knitting

I've been on a roll. The Cloud Chaser was finished as we pulled into the driveway back from our vacation:

IMAGE_161 I love it. it'S soooo sowft, I'm very glad I went with that high quality yarn. Because the cables, and that endless collar? Drove me nuts! It seemed to take FOREVER at the end, so the quality of the yarn was a big motivator to get this done.

I then moved on to what looked like a monumental project but turned out to be easy-peasy: the Cecilia Coat from MillaMia. Honestly, the hardest part was the sizing. My kid is a BIG 5 year old who wears size 6+. So I originally sized up the pattern, but as I started knitting it, I had my doubts. So I did a quick couple of searches, not too many people have made or blogged the coat yet, but the few that did all said it finished big, so I frogged the first 3rd of the back and started over in the 4/5. Boy am I glad I did! It's still big on her and it will fit not only in the fall, but probably/hopefully in the spring too. Here she is, in her best model pose:


It was a super fast knit. the entire thing is dobule-stranded, so it's nice and thick, and that yarn is SOOOO squishy, it's fabulous. Now, onto the little ribbon dress from the same book, for the other kid.


Cecilia Coat progress

I am amazed at how quickly this is going….. I know, you have no clue what I am talking about!

I cast on the amazing Cecilia Coat from MillaMia on Sunday, and already, the back is done and I'm 1/3 up on of the fronts….. the double strand was bugging me at first, but it's going to fast, I'm no longer complaining. Still not sure on the size, but I think we'll be good!


a future knitter

here is a glimpse of Dumpling, now 6 3/4 y.o., learning to knit on one of those bobbin thingys.

poor kid is struggling with reading and writing, but this, she's got downpath!


Crafty Season

Since I'm not spending my time writing about the nonesense in my life, I've actually found time to be crafty again.

It all started with the knitting gift exchange, which had to be home-made, but not necessarily knitting. I found the napkin ring tutorial from my old friends Sublime Stitching, and figured it was the perfect project for my friend R.

I used a bird design from my Doodle Embroidery book, and after I started, I decided to make 6 birds and 6 coordinating flowers.

IMG_7160_2  IMG_7162_3 

Believe it or not, I forgot to take a picture of the finished ones! I did tweek the pattern a bit: I made mine on a vintage pillow case and embroidered them all on the one piece before cutting them out. Then I decided against using the toilet paper roll, instead I used fusible interfacing to make it extra stiff.

And since we've been spending time at the country house, I used to felted sweaters (aka shrunken by accident) to make a few owls, who are going to be dropped next weekend as part of the Toy Society Christmas drop. More on that next week when I actually drop my little owls. Look how cute they are, one even has a scarf and is ready for the snow!


April GYCO Preview

Gyco0401 Gyco0403 Here’s all I’ll say:

I’m still repurposing, recycling, as per last month’s GYCO.

It clearly said Aprons. Plural.