Sleepy owl


Will be shipped off to a new little one…..

Harry Potter Cross-Stitch


Since Big Girl got her special cross stitch pillow, I had to plan something for Little Girl, who would never let me off the hook. The entire time I was cross-stitching the first pillow, my girls were discovering the magical world of Harry Potter, through the first 6 movies. The devoured them. But amazingly, it was Little Girl, all of 5 1/2 years old, who REALLY got into it. I mean, REALLY. She is obsessed.

Coincidentally, it was about the same time that Wee Little Stitches poped up on my blog radar, so I immediately bought the set of 3 Harry Potter patterns. I started the first one Saturday and I already finished it! My plan is to make a small but wide pillow to decorate her bed, with Harry Ron and Hermione in the middle, the friends on one side and the foes on the other.

Sing to Me – FINISHED!


When I broke my arm in late February, my crafting came to  a screeching halt. With only one good hand, I was severly limited. But I figured out how to cross stitch while bracing the hoop with my cast, so I set out to do a couple of little projects, monograms for my girls doors. They held my attention all of 4 evenings. If you know me, you know why I call myself UBERcrafty….

As a long time reader of a ton of blogs, I have always admired the fantastic illustations of Helen Darkin of Orange You Lucky! Some of her illustrations are even on products I sell at the store. So I contacted her and got her permission to use one of her illustrations and turn it into a cross-stitch pillow for my eldest’s bday (ok, so I overshot her bday by 6 weeks…. it was a lot more stitches than I anticipated!).

Today, I finished it…..

*sidebar: I contacted Helen and asked for permission because I think it’s very very important to encourage artists and respect their products. I was willing to pay to use her image, but she graciously allowed me to do it without charging me. If you see anything you like on the internet (a pattern, an image, etc) please contact the person before manipulating or using their work)

Tiny stitches


This is what I’ve been up to since I broke my arm. With the permission of blogger Orange you Lucky, I’m turning one of her illustrations into a cross-stitch pillow.

2nd project with 1 hand




For my darling 5 y.o.’s door, my first one-handed work.

A new obsession in the making


I broke my wrist in 3 places. No, I don’t do anything half-assed, ever. This means no knitting for weeks, maybe months. And yes, before you suggest it, I did Google 1-hand knitting…..

It became clear within a day that I cannot be idle very long. I admit I watch a lot of tv, but always while knitting. So I tested out other possibilities. Crochet is also a no-go, but cross-stitch works. And the off patterns on Etsy provide near-instant gratification…..