6 weeks later

The cast came off yesterday morning. I don’t start physio til tomorrow morning, but I just couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t wait. I knit 2 rows (about 275 sts each) this morning….. SOOOO SLOW! The tonight, I spent about 30 min counting rows and stitches to figure out just where the heck I left off when I put down my needles (Twenty Ten Cardigan) 6 weeks ago. I wasn’t writing down which row I was on because I was using my row counter on my phone but it’s been so long, I didn’t even remember that is what I was using!


But I know where I am now, I knit another 2 rows tonight. Then my arm swelled up and started to throb, so it’s back in it’s bag. I fear this cardi will not be a spring but rather a late summer cardi.

The month of not knitting

As I close in on the end of the first month of not knitting, I am coming to the realisation that knitting is central to my existence. If you know me personally, you know that I live an impossibly crazy life where *major* obstacles surround me on a daily basis. By and large, I take it on the chin, drink a little wine, whine a lot and move along.

Yesterday, after not breathing properly for days on end, my husband went on home-IV. This is par for the course in our lives and normally would just be another one of the major-but-minor-to-me annoyances I have learned to live with. Except last night, after a long day of bday celebrations for my 8 y.o. and dealing with work, I came home late and could not knit away the stress. I knew I missed knitting. I knew the diagonal-buttoned-cardi that has been calling me from inside the knitting bag for the last month was calling even louder, and I couldn’t do it. And it made me very sad and frustrated. Because knitting, it’s my processing. It’s my way of dealing. It numbs me to it all. The repetitive nature, the fact that I can do it without thinking and I can do it for hours on end, it clears my mind, allows me to somehow keep on going with everything else.

And right now, I can’t do it. I don’t know when I will be able to knit again. The cast come off in 2 weeks, but I don’t know if I will be able to knit right away….


(I promise not to turn the craft blog into a downer blog. I promise!!!!)

Casting on, again

wow, I totally negleted this blog…..


That cape is finished and faboosh, if I do say so myself. I since knit a full hat/scarf/mitt set, and a baby hat with a baby sweater to be delivered to a newborn tomorrow (total coincidence) and a pair of knee-highs for my eldest.

Months ago, I cast on the Still Light Tunic and it was going well, slow but well. I put it aside for a while and today, I decided to pick it back up again. It looked huge. Really huge. So I pulled the needle out and carefully slipped it over my head. I was about 3 inches under the armpits. It was was HUGE. HUGE. So I frogged the entire thing. And recast it, on smaller needles (my gauge was a tiny bit off) and I may make it a size smaller, but this time, I will try it on several times as I go!

So, fresh cast on, fresh take at the knitting blog, let’s see what happens.

383 stitches that are going to kill me!


have you ever started a project and thought ‘What have I done?’

Well, this is one of those projects…. On paper, this cape is not so hard: knitted in one piece, LOTS of cables, but nothing really too difficult about it….

except it’s 383 stitches…. The ribs were easy: K1P1 for 6.5 cm, which it turns out takes an entire skein! Oh and by the way, I ended up knitting while walking! I didn’t plan on it, I was holding my needles in my hand, yarn tucked under my arm, on my way to school to pick up my kid and half-way through the park, i realised I was knitting. It was completely unconscious, it just happened, my hands started knitting and I did an entire row of K1P1 by the time I got to school!

But then, once the ribs are done, those 383 stitches have to be set up for 13 sets of cables…. Again, not actually hard, just a ton of different numbers of K and Ps…. but I have done the set up row 3 times now and not once was it right! So now I have written out the entire thing on the back of the pattern, I’m putting the TV on pause and I’m trying again, and if it doesn’t work, I’m going back to making scarves for teddy bears!

casting on, again

I'm between projects, again. In the past couple of months, I have been compulsively knitting to deal with stress. This week, things with Dumpling and her school sent me even further over the edge and I found myself frozen, unable to knit. 

My knitting group meets at the same coffee shop every Wednesday, so we decided that for the holidays, we would each knit one gender-neutral item, put everything in the a basket and give it to the staff of the shop to choose from. I happen to have one nice skein of Manos Del Uruguay in the wrong color, so I figured I would make a hat, which I cast on last weekend.

But I haven been totally unable to make progress on it. I take it everywhere with me, I've committed the texture pattern to memory, but yet, there it sat, still only with the rib edge…. Today, I did knit. About 12 rows. And tonight, I took a closer look. Totally messed up. On row 3, I'm supposed to knit 2, not 1, at the beginning of each row to stagger the texture. I didn't, and now I had a ladder of holes…. I just ripped the entire thing and am casting on, again.

I need to get my rhythm back

the iv kept me from knitting

It was another totally craft-less day today. Even though it's Wednesday an I went to my weekly stich-and-bitch, it was preceeded and followed by a hematologist appointment and a 3 hour iron infusion. I cannot knit with an IV, and during the knitting coffee-clatch, I couldn't concentrate and didn't pick up my project.

sorry, I'll do better tomorrow.