hell is decorated in melting beads

Beads Who thought that melting/fusing beads should become the craft of choice? Why are they everywhere? Because frankly, they drive me bonkers! First of all, yes, it's sort of fun, if you have dexterity. But my 4 y.o.? She spends an hour at the table and gets about 8 beads on the board. And the 6 y.o. will make 10 hearts during that time, but will then insist that I iron them, IMMEDIATELY, and inevitable, someone will knock one over before I get the iron hot and then stupid beads, everywhere.

Not to mention how much I love having the hot iron on the table with the kids….

And I haven't actually purchased any of these, not once. Dumpling got a few kits as presents, someone brought a giant bucket as a hostess present (WTF?) and most recently, we inherited 3.5 buckets and about 24 shapes from my SIL who banished them now that her kids are grown. Oh, and I forget the 3D princess castle kit that BB got for her 4th bday. I've been working on the pieces for that since August, we are nowhere near done.

The hat from yesterday is done, but the rest of my day was spend fusing plastic.