Sometimes, you have to take it apart

This sweater has been the bane of my existence for almost 18 months.


It’s a SUPER EASY pattern, the Spoke Cardigan from Interweave Knits Weekends 2011 (see, amost 2 years!!!). I cast it on in the fall 2 years ago and then got busy. When things are for me and not my kids, I tend to push them back. I have knit plenty since then, but not this. This year in the fall, a full year after starting it, I picked it up again and tried it on. It was huge – a full size to big. So I frogged the whole thing and re-knit it in one uninterrupted series of sessions, about 3 weeks.

Then it sat there, waiting for buttons. I’m picky about buttons and it took me a while to find what I wanted. So poor cardi waited another few weeks, then got buttons. Then I tried it on. And I messed up one sleeve. Basically I am missing about 10 rows under the arm on one side, so one arm fits nicely and one arm is super tight. Too tight to be ignored. Thus the cardi has been sitting on the armchair in my bedroom, waiting. This is getting beyond ridiculous. If I don’t fix it soon, it will go out of style!

So here goes nothing: I will attempt to locate my row of Kitchener Stitch and take it out, pick up the stitches, add the missing rows and close it back up. I sincerely hope it works and is not wonky, because I am not re-knitting this a third time. Not going to happen.