Past Projects: the head-board bench

I’ve recently been asked to put together a ‘portfolio’ of sorts – projects I have done in the past. Which has involved going through an extremely overloaded external hard drive looking for After pictures, because we all know I always forget to take Before shots!

One of my favorite projects was the head-board bench. Years ago, before we even had kids, I bought a head and foot board set for I think 20$ at a garage sale down the street. Then I did nothing with it for over 3 years. Once we had kids, I needed a bench for them to sit on when putting on winter boots. I had a bench, but they were too short to sit on it alone. So I dug out the head and foot board. I cut one piece in half, bolted it together through the sides and screwed a piece of plywood in the U-shape. Covered with foam and fabric. Voila, shoe-putting-on bench.

Now that the girls are big and it’s no longer needed in the front room, it has migrated to the cottage, where it serves in the guest room as a Put-your-stuff on bench. I still love it though.