Now What?

So I have a back.

Img_3486_1 Which I sort of like even more then the front. Which totally doesn’t matter, because there doesn’t have to be a front and back, just 2 sides. Some days will be little confettis of fabric days, and some days will be pigs/vertical stripes days for the little friend who ends up with this.

It’s all pinned and ready to be quilted….Img_3488_2

Except, I don’t know what to do!!!! Vertical quilting lines? In the ditch around the little squares? I’m even thinking of doing concetric squares, starting in the middle working my way out…. I don’t know!

I’m probably going to bring it with me to Florida and do hand quilting, though it will probably end up untouched during the trip and I’ll have to quilt when I get back….


  1. wendyn says:

    It’s so lovely. You are very talented in designing your quilt!

  2. melissa says:

    i really like the pink and brown–it brings a little modern feel to the quilt.

  3. tanaya says:

    I love it, especially the back. You’re right, it could just be a reversible quilt.
    Great color choices.

  4. Love it :) Pink & Brown is my fave colour combo. Will you be hosting another round of the doll quilt swap when this one finishes up ?