It’s Crafting Season!

I know. it’s been months. I have to admit, The Summer of the Lung Transplant absolutely killed my crafting mo-jo. And the few projects I did make did not make it onto any type of blog. If you are lucky, you got a couple of Instagram pics on my FB wall, that’s it.

But fall is here, the leaves are turning, and that means it’s time to get crafting. What kicked it off for me was setting up the sukkah last week. Sukkot is by far my favorite Jewish holiday. it’s long enough to see everyone, I get to BUILD a frigging building AND decorate it!!!

This year, we made no changes to the layout or size, so I got out some left over paint samples and I made a sign.  For the decor this year, we skipped the little beaded fruits and instead went UBER-crafty! The girls strung EVERY SINGLE silly band they owned into a long garland, and also each contributed part of their precious duct-tape collection to make a super weather-resistant colorful garland. We even decorated a chandelier with mealty-beads.

The Sokoloff Sukkah, 2012 edition.