How it all started

This was originally published in April of 2007…..
Recently, a friend wrote a very funny post about her attempt at making something difficult and pretty much outed me as an overachieving Ubercrafty bitch, a label I wear with pride! Here’s the thing: I don’t do things I am not good at. I don’t see the point. I’ll try lots and lots of different things, but if I can’t succeed well, I don’t bother. Also, I am entirely self-taught. I was the kid in school that wasn’t the best, but by doing very little work, I managed to get Bs, so why bother wasting time studying to get As? I watch a lot of TV. A LOT. I admit it. But I watch HGTV, Life, Food network, any and every show that *shows* you how to do something. I buy magazines and I read books. And I figure stuff out.

I blame my parents for this. They are both *do-ers*. My father, an engineer, has rarely hired anyone to do something for him. Electrical, plumbing, heck, he once fell off the roof of the cottage while changing it from a flat roof to an A-frame! His brother is still the go-to guy in our family to build decks, even though he’s had a stroke. My mother came from a sewing mother. She always sewed. I always sewed. My mother also suffers from Constant Redecorating Syndrome. If my father was out of town on business, she would repaint a room (by herself), move the piano from one room to another (by herself) or re-design the entire landscaping of the property (by herself).

So you see, it’s totally not my fault! I can’t help it, it’s in my genes. So I embrace it. I sew and and scrapbook and I built things with power tools and I re-paint an re-wire, decorate cakes (which my mother also did when we were kids).

But I don’t want to be in-your-face about it, so I’ve decided to separate the crafting from the regular blog. That way, only people who actually want to see my handy work will be subjected to it!