Harry Potter Cross-Stitch

Since Big Girl got her special cross stitch pillow, I had to plan something for Little Girl, who would never let me off the hook. The entire time I was cross-stitching the first pillow, my girls were discovering the magical world of Harry Potter, through the first 6 movies. The devoured them. But amazingly, it was Little Girl, all of 5 1/2 years old, who REALLY got into it. I mean, REALLY. She is obsessed.

Coincidentally, it was about the same time that Wee Little Stitches poped up on my blog radar, so I immediately bought the set of 3 Harry Potter patterns. I started the first one Saturday and I already finished it! My plan is to make a small but wide pillow to decorate her bed, with Harry Ron and Hermione in the middle, the friends on one side and the foes on the other.