Guess What? I need YOUR help to kick cancer’s ass!


Well hi there, it’s been a while. Sorry I’ve been busy. I got breast cancer. I know, can you believe it? It’s getting to be a bit of a joke of cosmic proportions.

The good news is that my surgery (mega-double-take-everything-off-thrown-in-new-boobs) is a week away. For the last 8 weeks, while I have been trying to prepare and not have more than one panic attack per day, I have been knitting and crafting my little fingers off. For a good cause. I will be walking my 5th Weekend to End Women’s Cancer with 8 awesome friends (probably more will join) and we need to raise over 21,000$ to participate. Everyone is fundraising in their own way, but I also set up a blog and an online auction. We will all be making things or gettings things donated, which we will then auction off, with 100% of the money going straight to the fundraising. My store is funding the auction and the shipping.

I’ve made a bunch of things already, but I need your help!

  • if you are a crafter, make something cool and donate it, we will sell it and raise money
  • if you are a craft lover, or just a good shopper, come back on May 15th (til June 1) and buy up all the goodies
  • share the link, join the Facebook Event, follow our Facebook page! Help me get the word out!!!

For now, let me leave you with today’s creation, a pair of tattoed lovelies sewn and embroidered from a panel I bought on Spoonflower in the early days. it’s by My Paper Crane.