finally, i’m working on it!

After the two prototypes, I decided to keep playing with stripes…. on the back of my quilt!

I became obsessed with this piece of vintage fabric from my stash: Fabric_1

My plan of using only used/reclaimed fabric was a bit out the window, as I didn’t have enough that complemented this piece. But I dug around and found enough scraps in the stash to make a nice assortment:


I decided to use the technique I found on this blog and went at it!

First there were little flags:

Flags1_2  And the litle flags got bigger:

Flags2_3_2 Finally, I played around, like a puzzle, to make it work. Trust me when I tell you, this took a LONG time. And every time I thought I was done, I’d tweek one and all the others would follow. But I’m done now…. Well, until I try to sew them and decide to re-arrange everything again!!!!



  1. Shelba says:

    Love that vintage fabric! Looking super cute!

  2. Bobbi Jo says:

    So cool! I’m loving the randomness and am hoping to do something random too. I need to do a little more research, however, cause it will be a new adventure for me. The good news is that the material is finally gathered and ready to be cut.

  3. Sheridan says:

    Oh I can see why you were obsessed with that fabric – it is gorgeous! I really love what you have done with it too. can’t wait to see it finished!