Crochet Taxidermy and squirrel underpants

My husband has developped an obsession with Taxidermy. For years, he has planned on having our dog, Mortimer, stuffed and keep him curled up at the foot of the bed…. NO GOING TO HAPPEN! Lately, he is always sending me links to blogs about taxidermy gone wrong…. it’s very disturbing. So I figured I needed to take control of this situation before he ordered bizzare diorama box or worse, a life-sized wearable wolf costume!

so now we have a taxidermy wall in our den…. The top one was purchased from the awesome Felt Factory during Smart Design Montreal (I’m pretty sure she sells on Etsy). The Big Moose was my gift to my husband for the holidays….. I made him from a pattern from Pepika on Etsy.┬áThe best part was that I made it over a few nights while watching tv right in front of him, but he had absolutley no idea and no interest…. I could knit underpants for squirrels he wouldn’t notice (there is such a thing, I saw them in a catalogue at work yesterday. I have a truly fascinating job)