Crafty Season

Since I'm not spending my time writing about the nonesense in my life, I've actually found time to be crafty again.

It all started with the knitting gift exchange, which had to be home-made, but not necessarily knitting. I found the napkin ring tutorial from my old friends Sublime Stitching, and figured it was the perfect project for my friend R.

I used a bird design from my Doodle Embroidery book, and after I started, I decided to make 6 birds and 6 coordinating flowers.

IMG_7160_2  IMG_7162_3 

Believe it or not, I forgot to take a picture of the finished ones! I did tweek the pattern a bit: I made mine on a vintage pillow case and embroidered them all on the one piece before cutting them out. Then I decided against using the toilet paper roll, instead I used fusible interfacing to make it extra stiff.

And since we've been spending time at the country house, I used to felted sweaters (aka shrunken by accident) to make a few owls, who are going to be dropped next weekend as part of the Toy Society Christmas drop. More on that next week when I actually drop my little owls. Look how cute they are, one even has a scarf and is ready for the snow!



  1. A says:

    Have a few comments: 1) I wish you never told me about Ravelry, things are quiet at work this morning and am surfing away 2) Pls send me and Ez the owl pattern – good xmas break activity 3) i really want to learn how to embroider properly – have tried a few times but always make a mess of it, if i can dig up my stuff i will keep it in my knitting bag for a future tutorial

  2. Wendy says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying embroidery again (I used to when I was younger). Your cute birds have me motivated.

  3. Jo Hanlon says:

    These are really lovely. More Ubercrafty please! And I’m hoping for some more furniture makeovers. Because you have 48 hour days and eight day weeks in Canada, I know.

  4. Susan says:

    Hey V… let me know where you drop off these cute little fellas and I’ll go by and pick em up :)

  5. ronit AKA R says:

    As the luckiest recipient of the amazing napkin rings, the photos do not do justice to these magnificent additions to my table. they were the talk of dinner!!thk u thku thk u!