Craft-a-Day: Pincushion

I’ve been working on 2 long-haul projects: finishing a cardigan and finishing a crochet afghan. Both of these projects are tedious for similar reasons:

  1. they both involve following a pattern – total lack of creativity as I go along
  2. because I have to follow a pattern, I have to LOOK as I go – mutli-tasking impossibility (ie I can’t watch movies!)
  3. the cardigan is a lace pattern AND I’m on the sleeves with increases and decreases… enough said
  4. the afghan is Tunesian crochet, started years ago by the mother of an old friend. it’s not something *I* would ever choose to make, but I want to do this for my friend, to remember her mother. however, everything about it: the butterflies, the acrylic, it’s just NOT me

So to keep the creative juices flowing, I’ve started a Pinterest board I called Craft-a-Day, relatively quick projects I should be able to do in-between working on the long-haul stuff.

Today’s quick project: a pincushion.

I used a tiny scrap of fabric left from one of my eldest’s baby dresses, a little bit of trim from a discount kit I found at Michael’s last week and some stuffing that had fallen on the floor. So I cleaned too! super fast, no pattern, but now my pins aren’t all over the place and the next Craft-a-Day project might now result in me stabbing myself by sitting on loose pins!