2 for 1! carrots AND jelly beans!


I have so much to tell you, I don’t know where to start. First of all, my face was on the cover of the Globe and Mail today. I wish I could link, but right now it’s not online, I will update as soon as they post it. Second, I am sitting on 3 of 4 As Seen on Pinterest posts. My friends have gone crazy trying and taking pics of their trials, successes and failures. Keep coming back, we have great ones coming.

In the mean time, I don’t want you to think I am outsourcing *ALL* the work around here!  I am still the UBER-crafter in charge. In fact, I am pimping myself out to other blogs. I was invited to submit some crafty goodness to Clubmom.ca a great Toronto-based new ressource for moms. My first post was published yesterday and it involves jelly beans. Check it out, you’ll enjoy it.

Yesterday was the 100th day of school for my first grader. This means free-for-all on bringing snacks to class. Personally, I don’t understand the connection between pigging out on chips and cookies and the 100th day of school. Something about counting, but trust me, nobody was counting! So I had to be *THAT* mom, the one that sent carrots to school. Except, you know me, I was not going to send a bag of carrots, and I didn’t see the point in counting 100 carrots…. instead, I did what I do best, I crafted a 100-shaped serving tray our of foam core.

It was very easy, and you could adapt this to any celebration: a person’s age or initial. Just trace the shape of the letter/number on the base foamcore. Then cut strips. Mine were about 1 inch wide, which would allow the carrots to stick out. They were just the length of the foamcore i had. for the outside of the zeros, I had to hot glue 2 pieces together. To bend it to follow the shape, I sort of just bend it in my hand, making sure the outside stayed nice and I made the creases only on what would be the inside. I hot glued the shapes to close them, and then hot glued them to the base onto the letters I traced.

It wasn’t quite pretty enough though, so I wrapped the outside of the letters with yellow washi tape. If you don’t have washi tape, which is fancy see-through Japanese masking tape, you could use any type of colorful tape: painters tape, electrician’s tape which comes in many colors. When I was done, I filled it with carrots standing on their ends. I’m told at first, the kids were not overly thrilled with the carrots, but the shape one them over and there was not one carrot left at the end!

Coming soon: My plan for Masterpieces 4 Mada

I didn’t mean to take a break right away. But after breaking my blog, I sort of got defeated. The little hearts are still all over the place, I apologize. I have joined a ChildTheme forum that explains how to change the headers but somewhere between CSS and .com/.org I lost my internet mojo. So for now, little hearts it is.

I do however have a new obsession brewing….. Last year, I started knitting chairs exactly at this time of year after being asked to submit a chair to the annual fundraiser for Mada, the awesome Community Center and food bank. This was so great: my chair raised tons of money, I found a new love (knitting chairs) and I found a group of women raising money for charity that I actually enjoyed working with. This year’s theme for Mada is going to be Light up a Life.  Lamps, fixtures, shades, candles…. if it lights, it will be there.


I am toying with a few ideas… the stacked teacup table lamps I keep seing on pinterest… maybe. But absolutely, definately, I am making something like this:

crochet lamps spotted on Apartment Therapy

The internet made me cry

I consider myself a proficient internet user. I have been blogging since the days of Diaryland, joined FB in the first year, NEVER had a MySpace because it was too tacky and  jumped onto Pinterest when everyone was like Pin-what?

But the last 48 hours have done my head in. First, I spruced up the digs around here to make them all pretty. And in an attempt to remove one little thing that bugged me, came to understand that “themes” on wordpress.COM were pretty rigid and any further tweaking would require me to get a domain name and host my blog somewhere. Getting the domain name was easy-peasy, as I already have a great account for the store on Camelot-Hosting and was able to buy my new snazzy domain name with the click of a mouse.

Then, it all went horribly wrong for me. I got so confused between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG, and I was working from my new Macbook, which is still foreign to me. At 10 pm last night, I was pretty much in tears on the couch. I did find an option to pay someone to do the job for you on wordpress.COM, but they are overbooked and not taking new requests….. In a fit of desperation, I send out an SOS signal to the admins at Camelot-Hosting. I am certain that it is nowhere in their job description to help some crazy crafty lady move her little knitting blog, but that is exactely what they did. There were still a couple of kinks this morning and one just got taken care of. So now I am just waiting for the lovely people at StudioPress to transfer my theme purchase from .COM to .ORG and I will be back in business.

Sometimes, even a DYIer like me needs an expert. Thanks to the awesome Knights at Camelot!

I have a secret

If you want to know what it is, you have to either email me or leave a comment with your email address.

(and yes, this is a total cop-out post! it's late and i was out at a concert!

the Ubercrafty Bitch

Hearts_double_3 Recently, a friend wrote a very funny post about her attempt at making something difficult and pretty much outed me as an overachieving Ubercrafty bitch, a label I wear with pride! Here’s the thing: I don’t do things I am not good at. I don’t see the point. I’ll try lots and lots of different things, but if I can’t succeed well, I don’t bother. Also, I am entirely self-taught. I was the kid in school that wasn’t the best, but by doing very little work, I managed to get Bs, so why bother wasting time studying to get As? I watch a lot of TV. A LOT. I admit it. But I watch HGTV, Life, Food network, any and every show that *shows* you how to do something. I buy magazines and I read books. And I figure stuff out.

I blame my parents for this. They are both *do-ers*. My father, an engineer, has rarely hired anyone to do something for him. Electrical, plumbing, heck, he once fell off the roof of the cottage while changing it from a flat roof to an A-frame! His brother is still the go-to guy in our family to build decks, even though he’s had a stroke. My mother came from a sewing mother. She always sewed. I always sewed. My mother also suffers from Constant Redecorating Syndrome. If my father was out of town on business, she would repaint a room (by herself), move the piano from one room to another (by herself) or re-design the entire landscaping of the property (by herself).

So you see, it’s totally not my fault! I can’t help it, it’s in my genes. So I embrace it. I sew and and scrapbook and I built things with power tools and I re-paint an re-wire, decorate cakes (which my mother also did when we were kids).

But I don’t want to be in-your-face about it, so I’ve decided to separate the crafting from the regular blog. That way, only people who actually want to see my handy work will be subjected to it!