yeah, so the Napoblomo thing didn't really work out. I had the best of intentions, but life got in the way. BIG LIFE ISSUES came up, as they always do, and i totally lost my crafting mojo. I'm working on regaining it while making the Cabin Fever scarf, but I happen to be slightly medicated following a small procedure, so even that is proving a little difficult. I'll be back, I promise! Give me a day or two!

A kindred spirit

I know I just cast on the Owl Sweater AND I started another long skinny scarf, but I saw the Shalom cardigan on Soulemama's blog and I MUST MAKE THIS. Also, look at the last picture of her on that post and tell me that couldn't totally be me (minus the adorable baby): the scarf, the cardigan, the ORANGE skirt, the killer boots. 

tomorrow, I am going to wear the new Fryes with a skirt and try to be all cute and artsy. I'll let you know if I succeed. and yes, i realize this is not a crafting post. I am drowning in stress and self-doubt, connecting the camera to upload pictures is too much.


I've sort of been down in the dumps, overwhelmed with stress. so I've been shopping.

On friday, after chopping all my hair off, i bought these:


the color is slate, in real life, it's a tad more charcoal. I love 'em. Had them on since I walked out of the store (with a pair of short booties as well. it was a BAD day). then I got home and realized that A) I have put on a good 12 to 15 lbs and most of my jeans are now freakishly uncomfortable to wear and B), my jeans are all boot-cuts and will only fit OVER the new cool boots.

So Sunday I used my nifty 30% off coupon at Gap and bought 3 pairs of "skinny" straight legs (1 jeans, 1 cords) to fit INSIDE the boots. It's still a tight fit, given the fat calves, but it works.

And to make this remotely craft related, I also dragged the kids to the yarn store where I bought this:


the color is called Cabin Fever. it's a fabulous variegation of autumn colors. It's not for me. It's got a good recipient and pattern in mind. Stay tuned.

hoot hoot

Owls2 today, I cast something on for myself. OK, I just made that whole Entrelac set for myself. But that was more as an excersise to learn the technique. This is really for me, just for the pleasure of making it but also wearing it.

I'm making mine in a fabulous eco-wool in brown. I'll let you know how it turns out.

the charity red hat is finished. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it and post it later on. On a day when I have not much to say, like today!

hell is decorated in melting beads

Beads Who thought that melting/fusing beads should become the craft of choice? Why are they everywhere? Because frankly, they drive me bonkers! First of all, yes, it's sort of fun, if you have dexterity. But my 4 y.o.? She spends an hour at the table and gets about 8 beads on the board. And the 6 y.o. will make 10 hearts during that time, but will then insist that I iron them, IMMEDIATELY, and inevitable, someone will knock one over before I get the iron hot and then stupid beads, everywhere.

Not to mention how much I love having the hot iron on the table with the kids….

And I haven't actually purchased any of these, not once. Dumpling got a few kits as presents, someone brought a giant bucket as a hostess present (WTF?) and most recently, we inherited 3.5 buckets and about 24 shapes from my SIL who banished them now that her kids are grown. Oh, and I forget the 3D princess castle kit that BB got for her 4th bday. I've been working on the pieces for that since August, we are nowhere near done.

The hat from yesterday is done, but the rest of my day was spend fusing plastic.



casting on, again

I'm between projects, again. In the past couple of months, I have been compulsively knitting to deal with stress. This week, things with Dumpling and her school sent me even further over the edge and I found myself frozen, unable to knit. 

My knitting group meets at the same coffee shop every Wednesday, so we decided that for the holidays, we would each knit one gender-neutral item, put everything in the a basket and give it to the staff of the shop to choose from. I happen to have one nice skein of Manos Del Uruguay in the wrong color, so I figured I would make a hat, which I cast on last weekend.

But I haven been totally unable to make progress on it. I take it everywhere with me, I've committed the texture pattern to memory, but yet, there it sat, still only with the rib edge…. Today, I did knit. About 12 rows. And tonight, I took a closer look. Totally messed up. On row 3, I'm supposed to knit 2, not 1, at the beginning of each row to stagger the texture. I didn't, and now I had a ladder of holes…. I just ripped the entire thing and am casting on, again.

I need to get my rhythm back

the iv kept me from knitting

It was another totally craft-less day today. Even though it's Wednesday an I went to my weekly stich-and-bitch, it was preceeded and followed by a hematologist appointment and a 3 hour iron infusion. I cannot knit with an IV, and during the knitting coffee-clatch, I couldn't concentrate and didn't pick up my project.

sorry, I'll do better tomorrow.

glitter glitter everywhere

Another day without a stitch. While i spent the afternoon putting out fires at work, my morning was very very crafty: I supervised a bunch of 6 y.o. girls who had no school today and used my house as the central playdate location. Do you have any idea how much glitter-glue and sparkles was used in my house today?

At some point, from the bathroom, I heard "There is glitter on my bum!". Seriously.

Not exactely the kind of crafting I usually go for, but at least i'm still keeping up with Nablopomo!

A month of crafty goodness

hi there. how are you. Remember me? Well, I'm still here, sort of. Truth is, I don't think I'll ever come back as Mortimer's Mom, but as my life as been major sucky lately, I've been knitting. Knitting and knitting and knitting. non-stop knitting.

so when the Nablopomo email hit my inbox last week, I didn't think I couldn commit to it, at least not from a stardard blogging angle. But Then I thought I have all this knitting and some crafting that I could talk about and post pictures of. 

Here I am. A month of knitting and crafting. I will be here everyday, either with progress reports or pictures of past projects.

I've been trying my hand at Entrelac knitting, which is basically all short rows to create a basket weave pattern. here's a glimpse, I'll tell you all about it later this week.