Loads of links!

First of all, update your bookmarks, because I am now the proud owner and operator of UBERcraftyblog.com !!!!

Oh I know, I can hear you, ‘here we go again!’ ANOTHER blog, but wait, this is just an upgrade. An actual domain name. Which should motivate me to write on a regular basis and remember to take ‘before’ pictures when I start a project!

And since you are going to be updating your links, here are a few I wanted to share with you:

Clearly, you already follow me on Pinterest (right?) And you are reading Better After, right ? (not only because she featured my knitted chair, but because her blog is very inspirational if you are DYIer).  Plus, you are getting your color inspiration from Design Seed... right? Well then, you are all set design-wise.

So let me throw one last link at you: You should all be learning the art of complaining effectively, and getting entertained in the process, by the awesome Amy of Complaint Department. And I’m not just saying this because otherwise she will reveal all my secrets and make fun of me mercilessly.

Holy Crap!!!!

wow, I can’t even believe what is happening…..

Last month, a stylist came to take pictures of my kitchen and fell in love with my knitted chairs, so she blogged about them ¬†(it’s in french)

Then, I sent a link to my blog to Better After, one of my absolute favorite re-do blogs, and look what popped up in my RSS today:

Suzie’s Chair!!!

I read somewhere that if you didn’t do your current job, you should be doing your hobby as your job. If I could do anything other than run Mortimer Snodgrass, I would knit chairs for a living. And yes, I take custom orders! just email me!!!!

Doing it with style!

Again, get your mind out of the gutter!

No, I’m talking about sprucing things up around here a little… It all started with the attention my telephone bench re-do got. It may show up somewhere in the near future, but the lovely people on that blog asked me to take a new picture and "style it a little". So I took everything I knew from design shows, magazines and my recent photo class and came up with a more stylish way to present my telephone bench:

Aafter_styled1_1 Aafter_styled3_3_2

Clearly, I don’t live like this! The perfectly draped alligator scraf (incomplete, still needs finishing!), the carefully placed baby rain boots (5 sizes too small for anyone in this house!), but it does make a super cute vignette!

And it inspired me to spruce things up around the old craft blog, starting with a masthead I made myself! Aren’t you impressed? I’m not Photoshop expert, but a little creativity goes a long way.