Nina Dress

now that the coat is finished and hanging as a display at the knitting store until it’s cold enough for #2 to wear it, I have thrown myself head-first into the Nina Dress, also from the Milla Mia book.

This is for #1, who is as girly as they come and chose hot pink (Lang Merino 150)…. it’s pretty easy, but waaaay slower than the coat since it’s not double stranded.

Luckily, we spent Saturday at a friend’s cottage and I got hours to work on it on the side of the lake, and then a few more hours around the kitchen table because the rain forced us in.

Back is done, half-way up the front, should be done by Tuesday Knit Night, because I have about 4 projects i want to work on for me next!

OCD Knitting

I've been on a roll. The Cloud Chaser was finished as we pulled into the driveway back from our vacation:

IMAGE_161 I love it. it'S soooo sowft, I'm very glad I went with that high quality yarn. Because the cables, and that endless collar? Drove me nuts! It seemed to take FOREVER at the end, so the quality of the yarn was a big motivator to get this done.

I then moved on to what looked like a monumental project but turned out to be easy-peasy: the Cecilia Coat from MillaMia. Honestly, the hardest part was the sizing. My kid is a BIG 5 year old who wears size 6+. So I originally sized up the pattern, but as I started knitting it, I had my doubts. So I did a quick couple of searches, not too many people have made or blogged the coat yet, but the few that did all said it finished big, so I frogged the first 3rd of the back and started over in the 4/5. Boy am I glad I did! It's still big on her and it will fit not only in the fall, but probably/hopefully in the spring too. Here she is, in her best model pose:


It was a super fast knit. the entire thing is dobule-stranded, so it's nice and thick, and that yarn is SOOOO squishy, it's fabulous. Now, onto the little ribbon dress from the same book, for the other kid.


Cecilia Coat progress

I am amazed at how quickly this is going….. I know, you have no clue what I am talking about!

I cast on the amazing Cecilia Coat from MillaMia on Sunday, and already, the back is done and I'm 1/3 up on of the fronts….. the double strand was bugging me at first, but it's going to fast, I'm no longer complaining. Still not sure on the size, but I think we'll be good!


hoot hoot

Owls2 today, I cast something on for myself. OK, I just made that whole Entrelac set for myself. But that was more as an excersise to learn the technique. This is really for me, just for the pleasure of making it but also wearing it.

I'm making mine in a fabulous eco-wool in brown. I'll let you know how it turns out.

the charity red hat is finished. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it and post it later on. On a day when I have not much to say, like today!



casting on, again

I'm between projects, again. In the past couple of months, I have been compulsively knitting to deal with stress. This week, things with Dumpling and her school sent me even further over the edge and I found myself frozen, unable to knit. 

My knitting group meets at the same coffee shop every Wednesday, so we decided that for the holidays, we would each knit one gender-neutral item, put everything in the a basket and give it to the staff of the shop to choose from. I happen to have one nice skein of Manos Del Uruguay in the wrong color, so I figured I would make a hat, which I cast on last weekend.

But I haven been totally unable to make progress on it. I take it everywhere with me, I've committed the texture pattern to memory, but yet, there it sat, still only with the rib edge…. Today, I did knit. About 12 rows. And tonight, I took a closer look. Totally messed up. On row 3, I'm supposed to knit 2, not 1, at the beginning of each row to stagger the texture. I didn't, and now I had a ladder of holes…. I just ripped the entire thing and am casting on, again.

I need to get my rhythm back

the iv kept me from knitting

It was another totally craft-less day today. Even though it's Wednesday an I went to my weekly stich-and-bitch, it was preceeded and followed by a hematologist appointment and a 3 hour iron infusion. I cannot knit with an IV, and during the knitting coffee-clatch, I couldn't concentrate and didn't pick up my project.

sorry, I'll do better tomorrow.

pretty balls

I didn't knit a single stitch today. it was a crazy day of parent-teacher interviews (shockingly upsetting) and work related stress, then violin lesson (BB plays the violin! and she's really good!). At no point did I get to pick up the sticks. The blue scarf is on the way to its recipient and I didn't get a chance to read my next pattern.


so instead, today, I wound some balls. With my new-but-used ball winder. I bought it on Ebay a few weeks ago after a fun time googling Ball Winders….. I'll let you enjoy that one! It did lead to a few funny Facebook exanges about winding balls and pretty balls and blue balls…. yes, sometimes, I'm a 14 y.o. boy.

that is one LONG skinny scarf!

this was a special request for a very special recipient. The brief was long, skinny, bright blue or eggplant. First, I agonized over how long and how skinny. Because we are talking fashion royalty here, but when I found the yarn at the store, everything fell into place. I used 3 balls of the Babybamboo yarn. Suer nice to knit and the color is stunning, almost shiny.

Here is my girl, modeling the scarf. on her, it's wrapped 4 times, because the thing is 6 feet long!


a future knitter

here is a glimpse of Dumpling, now 6 3/4 y.o., learning to knit on one of those bobbin thingys.

poor kid is struggling with reading and writing, but this, she's got downpath!