Mega inspiration wall


Now that I have decided to do something crafty every day, the first step was to work on the craft room a bit. I didn’t have anything on the walls and was using duck tape to put up my stuff. Very un-inspiring!

At the store, we use artists canvases a lot in window display, so I had them send me home 4 big ones, 30×30. Sadly, I couldn’t find cork that size, but did find some 24 x 24, so I just had to figure out how to make the edges pretty. The fabric was in my stash, bought in 2005 when I was going to make a car seat slip cover!

I just stapled the fabric to the back and hot glued the edge to the front. I didn’t need to cover the entire canvas because the cork went over. I simply screwed the cork from the back through the cross bars. Now my cork is not only pretty, I was super easy to attach to the wall using the frame of the canvas. And because I didn’t glue all the edges of the cork (only the corners) I can tuck in things that I don’t want to damage with pins.

Now I need to fill it with inspiration! Lots of it! Finished size is 60 x 60!!!!


vagabond book

Img_1054_1 Img_1055_2 Img_1057_3

Get Your Craft On! MAY

  1. first, you need a shoe box, so you know, you need to buy new shoes.Img_4771_4

  2. so now, you have a box:  Img_4772_2

  3. which you cover in one paper, and then add paper flowers. I will use mine to store ribbons and stuff in my craft room.Img_4777

Get Your Craft On! APRIL

so Aprons…… Mine is a smock-style made with a vintage pillow case and Dumpling’s is a sort of retro house-wife cut made with the front half of an A-line skirt I didn’t wear anymore. For both, I did a flickr search for retro aprons, found some I liked and pretty much made it up formthere. I find that having the mannequins really helps. I took nots on how the Project Runway people pin ribbon to the mannequins to figure out the shapes of their pieces and that’s how I figured out my armholes, neckbands, etc.

Here they are, step by step, in pictures.


Hints for #2

Img_4612 Img_4613a pillow case

trim from the estate sale box

a picture of a retro pattern found on flikr….

April GYCO Preview

Gyco0401 Gyco0403 Here’s all I’ll say:

I’m still repurposing, recycling, as per last month’s GYCO.

It clearly said Aprons. Plural.