a baby quilt

my friend V FINALLY had her baby, after what seemed like the longest human gestation in history. Seirosuly, that kid came out at a smidge under 10 lbs!!! In the great Jewish tradition of not doing anything until the baby is actually here, I did nothing. So when Hubs ran into her husband in a hospital elevator, I knew it was time to put some sort of baby gift together.

Once I know her name, I have another gift in mind, but in the mean time, I put this little quilt together. It can be a stroller blanket, but I hope that she’ll just use it as a doll quilt when she gets to be that age. The room theme colors are raspeberry and chocolate, or Napolitana Ice Cream as I like to call it. Entirely from my stash, and all the white is vintage pillow cases.

Img_5410_3 Img_5409_4 Img_5411_2_2 Img_5413_1

Lemonade Stand Quilt DONE!

OK, so I’m a terrible swap mama, because I kept everyone else on track, and mine is 2 days late. Actually, it’s been finished for a long time, almost 2 weeks, but I just kept procrastinating in taking pictures and packaging it. But it’s done, and it’s out the door tomorrow morning….

Quiltfront_1 Quiltback Img_4891_1

Now What?

So I have a back.

Img_3486_1 Which I sort of like even more then the front. Which totally doesn’t matter, because there doesn’t have to be a front and back, just 2 sides. Some days will be little confettis of fabric days, and some days will be pigs/vertical stripes days for the little friend who ends up with this.

It’s all pinned and ready to be quilted….Img_3488_2

Except, I don’t know what to do!!!! Vertical quilting lines? In the ditch around the little squares? I’m even thinking of doing concetric squares, starting in the middle working my way out…. I don’t know!

I’m probably going to bring it with me to Florida and do hand quilting, though it will probably end up untouched during the trip and I’ll have to quilt when I get back….

finally, i’m working on it!

After the two prototypes, I decided to keep playing with stripes…. on the back of my quilt!

I became obsessed with this piece of vintage fabric from my stash: Fabric_1

My plan of using only used/reclaimed fabric was a bit out the window, as I didn’t have enough that complemented this piece. But I dug around and found enough scraps in the stash to make a nice assortment:


I decided to use the technique I found on this blog and went at it!

First there were little flags:

Flags1_2  And the litle flags got bigger:

Flags2_3_2 Finally, I played around, like a puzzle, to make it work. Trust me when I tell you, this took a LONG time. And every time I thought I was done, I’d tweek one and all the others would follow. But I’m done now…. Well, until I try to sew them and decide to re-arrange everything again!!!!


Final list of participants

I got an email this morning from someone who thought they had been missed in the partner assignment but in fact are on the list. Please check the list below and if you didn’t receive your partner assignment, email me.

melissa mdg
mary w.
sara w.
lisa m.
lynn w.
katherine m.
Melissa p.
amanda m.
Martha M.
nova s.
Lara f.
amanda r.
wendy n.
Rebecca C.
sally e.
melissa w.
louise p.
bridget k.
tara b.
perrin s.
Donna D.
fanny f.
heather S.
susan a.
michele a.
susan s.
Sheridan P.
virginia c.
amy d
abbie s.
bobbi jo r.
elise g.

suzanne K.
kristina n.
meg r.
crystal p.
marieke l
robyn f.
tracy c.
Vanni B.
stacey t.
jessica m.

the people who’s name is in bold are CONFIRMED: they have emailed me. If your name is not in bold, can you just shoot me an email or leave a comment. I’m sure this is getting redundant, but with at least one person who didn’t receive the email that was sent, I just want to  make 100% certain that everyone got their assignments and are buzy sewing.


I asked everyone who joined the swap to try something new. And then I realised that meant me too….

My first challenge to myself was to rething what quilt fabric is. It doesn’t have to be a shiny fat-quarter from the hopelessly traditional quilt store in town or, more likely in my case, several yards of funky Japanese fabrics from Superbuzzy. I resolved to use only materials that I had already, and not necessarily from the fabric stash.  Behold my inspiration:

Img_3352 Those, are in fact, assorted diaper covers that matched Dumpling’s pretty dresses. BB has worn some of the dresses as well (though not many fit!), but the diaper covers have never been worn. So I ripped them up, saved all the elastics and cut the fabric into strips and squares.

My first stab at it involved a lot of white space (which is a vintage pillow case from Ebay)

Sneak2 I like it. Especially if I add some embellishments to it in some way. I have a few ideas…. but it still wasn’t exactely what I wanted, so I tried again.

Img_3362_1 I like it a lot more. Less white space, pattern mixing and touching. It inspired me to grab the scraps and squares and make some free-flowing backs.  Which brings me to the second NEW thing I tried….. going hog-wild, with no patterns, no measurements, just grabbing scraps and fashioning them into rectangles until I had a full back. I even played with chunks of the pillow case embroidery.

Img_3365_2 Img_3366_3Here’s the thing… Now I have two little quilts (unassembled) made from my girls’ clothes (sort of)….. I can’t give those away! Those have to be for their own dollies. But I like the general idea of a striped top and a cobbled-together back. I just have to find another source of inspiration as far as materials go. Because soon, these little quilts are going to be in the girls rooms….

Can we get one more?

Can we get one more swapper? The internet ate an email yesterday and I have one person who would love to join, but I have no one left to swap with…..

Come on, if you missed the deadline and are kicking yourself, this is your chance. For speed’s sake, email me at mortimersmom @ gmail dot com

PLEASE READ: AT THIS POINT, THE ASSIGNMENTS HAVE BE MADE. I REALISED TODAY THAT ABOUT 6 PEOPLE WERE CAUGHT IN THE SPAM FILTER AND I EMAILED THEM. If you haven’t received either a swap assignment OR an email from me today about being caught in the spam filter, then I DIDN’T GET YOUR EMAIL and you aren’t on the list….. please contact me ASAP if you feel you emailed me and I didn’t get it. I will close this swap tonight at 9 pm Eastern, for good. I am really trying to make sure I didn’t miss anyone and went through all the spam folders to make 100% sure…. but at some point, I have to close it and just hope I dind’t miss anyone.

The Swap is ON!

The swap is ON, swappers! We are 32 in total. So I split it down the middle, 16 each and gave Bobbi Jo, my Texas roomy and new BFF half the names. We called them group A and B (I’m SUPER creative, can’t you tell) and this is what we did.

I assigned each person in group A a recipient from Group B and Bobbi Jo assigned each person from Group B a recipient in Group A. This way, even I don’t know who is making me a quilt!

Let’s keep it secret for now. We can start revealing ourselves half-way through, or when you are done your quilt if you get it done early. Or keep it a secret til the end, I don’t care!

I will post reminders right here on Ubercrafty, and I will email everyone half-way through and a week before the May 31 deadline.

If you need to send a secret email to your recipient, you can go through me or Bobbi Jo, whoever sent you your partner assignment.

Have fun! and remember: Try something new and be nice!

There is still time!

I am giving you guys one last day to sign up! Not that we don’t have enough people, we have passed the 25 mark, but I just want to make sure everyone who wants to got a chance to sign up. So I will extend sign up til tomorrow, Tuesday April 8th, at 5 pm my time. Then tomorrow night, I will send the swaps out.

DO IT!!!!!! SIGN UP! email me at mmsquiltswap@gmail.com. Include your name, email, home/mailing address, blog or flickr page and a name if you don’t want to use your real name online.

a button and a flickr page

so, the name is a bit long, don’t  you think? Since I liked my idea of turning lemons into lemonade, I think we should call the swap with the longest name in the world the Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt Swap.

I created a little image to use as a button, but I don’t know how to create the code for it. So feel free to steal the graphic from here and if someone knows how to do a code, email me or put it in the comments.

Lemonade_swap_2  If it’s too big to be a button, you can to either resize it or somehow display it smaller.

also, i created a flickr group for us: Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt Swap. Feel free to join and start talking to each other, I’ll be away til Sunday night. I’m going to send out the swap assignments on Tuesday.

Swap is still open. There is still time to join!!!!!!