Casting on, again

wow, I totally negleted this blog…..


That cape is finished and faboosh, if I do say so myself. I since knit a full hat/scarf/mitt set, and a baby hat with a baby sweater to be delivered to a newborn tomorrow (total coincidence) and a pair of knee-highs for my eldest.

Months ago, I cast on the Still Light Tunic and it was going well, slow but well. I put it aside for a while and today, I decided to pick it back up again. It looked huge. Really huge. So I pulled the needle out and carefully slipped it over my head. I was about 3 inches under the armpits. It was was HUGE. HUGE. So I frogged the entire thing. And recast it, on smaller needles (my gauge was a tiny bit off) and I may make it a size smaller, but this time, I will try it on several times as I go!

So, fresh cast on, fresh take at the knitting blog, let’s see what happens.