Can we get one more?

Can we get one more swapper? The internet ate an email yesterday and I have one person who would love to join, but I have no one left to swap with…..

Come on, if you missed the deadline and are kicking yourself, this is your chance. For speed’s sake, email me at mortimersmom @ gmail dot com

PLEASE READ: AT THIS POINT, THE ASSIGNMENTS HAVE BE MADE. I REALISED TODAY THAT ABOUT 6 PEOPLE WERE CAUGHT IN THE SPAM FILTER AND I EMAILED THEM. If you haven’t received either a swap assignment OR an email from me today about being caught in the spam filter, then I DIDN’T GET YOUR EMAIL and you aren’t on the list….. please contact me ASAP if you feel you emailed me and I didn’t get it. I will close this swap tonight at 9 pm Eastern, for good. I am really trying to make sure I didn’t miss anyone and went through all the spam folders to make 100% sure…. but at some point, I have to close it and just hope I dind’t miss anyone.


  1. meg says:

    okay- I’m confused…..should we have the name of our person yet?……had my hair colored today so maybe I inhaled too many fumes!

  2. wzgirl says:

    I’m thinking that I’m glad the deadline passed me by as I was totally considering joining but have yet to make anything really quilt related. Probably for the best.
    But I will keep an eye out here for future opportunities……