Before and After: my Passover Kitchen

The biggest luxury in my life, bigger than the fabulous house, fabulous patio and fabulous pool (I am VERY lucky) it having a second kitchen. my Passover kitchen is a gift from g-d himself. When everyone is scrambling and rushing to clean their kitchen and ‘flip it’ while somehow managing to not eat only crap for the days leading up to the holiday, I have the total luxury of simply getting rid of my pasta, taping up the cabinets in my kitchen and doing all my cooking in advance in the basement.

The thing about my Passover kitchen is, it’s butt ugly. We cobbled it together with the ugly butter-yellow melamine 70′s cabinets we ripped out when we moved in, along with some assorted white uppers that used to be in the laundry room. Last year, my dad and I made a decent counter and covered it with laminate and I did a backsplash with my favorite: bead-board.

I’m not even going to be here this year to really enjoy it, but I still have to make the first Seder for 15 people, completely Gluten free. So instead of cooking, today, I decided to do the only logical thing: redecorate!

I present the Before:

The post-its indicated Meat and Dairy because it’s hard to remember from year to year, and the kids don’t recognize the utensils.

And now, after 22$ of supplies and 2 hours of work:

I used 2 rolls of Contact Paper to hide the yellow. This would not be feasable in an actual kitchen that gets used more than 8 days a year, but I didn’t see the point of painting. The *WOW* factor is the dry-erase stickers and chalk-board stickers, both from the Martha collection at Staples. Now everyone can find everything, and when we walk through the basement to go out to the pool, we won’t feel like skipping right through the room. Too bad I won’t really get to enjoy it this year!