Before and After: bathroom mirror

Wow, somehow, a LOT OF TIME went by since my last post! Partly due to procrastination, partly due to *someone* convincing me I needed to start working out! There are only so many hours in the day, and if I’m working out, I’m not fixing things!

My plan for the weekend was to paint the patio, but the temperature is just too cold, the paint would not stick. So instead, I finished a project I have been planning for months and months: framing my bathroom mirror.

The Before:

Practical, but oh so ugly.

And now the After:

This, my friends, was easy-peasy AND super cheap! 3 pieces of baseboard molding at 7$ a pop, 2 cans of high-gloss black paint at 8$ each and about 1 hour of work (plus drying time). First I took the baseboards outside and painted 2 coats over ┬ácouple of hours. Then I measured carefully. But the truth it, it’s very forgiving. The trick is to cut perfect 45 degree angles, using a mitre box, as so:

Once I had one piece measured for the top, I marked the bottom piece to match. Then I cut one side piece and marked the other side piece to match. 4 flat L brackets and tiny screws to hold the corners, and I installed the entire thing using the double-sided velcro picture strips from 3M, since it’s super light. Finally, my mirror is framed!