As Seen on Pinterest: the good and the not so good

Today I bring you a double post: 2 guest bloggers, Susan and Amy, who had very different results with their attempts to try something on Pinterest. Let’s start with the good, shall we?

Susan is my most precise and detail-oriented friend. She is famous for her amazing parties that inevitably involve a chart and post-its to indicate the location of dishes on the table. One time, just for kicks, her friend Laure and  I mixed up all the post it’s and hid the master chart. She was not pleased! So it’s not surprise that she picked a stunningly pretty project. Here is it, in her own words:

Actual picture of Suzie's rainbow fruit platter


Browsing through Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I found this cute way of serving fruit for a chocolate fondue, in a rainbow shape.  I deviated a little from the original post as I had a child over that has a lot of food allergies and therefore many fruits had to be avoided.  Thus, my rainbow colours are not in the correct order  :)     The look of the kids’ faces when I brought out the fruit platter and the chocolate fountain was priceless!  To be repeated.


On the other hand, my friend Amy is the complete opposite. She is very much like me: a do-er. But pos-it notes, not so much! So when she told me she had attempted the now infamous grilled-chees in the side-ways toaster pin, I knew we were in for a treat! Let me remind you of what we are talking about, then I’ll let Amy tell you how it all went:

the infamous Side-ways toaster Pinterest grilled-cheese


Three kids downstairs, dressed.
Husband ran to corner to buy milk for coffee.
English muffins in toaster.
“I hate English muffins”.
(here we go)
Microwave beeps.  Egg ready for egg sandwich.
“I hate egg sandwiches.  Especially on English muffins.”
“Can I make my own breakfast?”
It’s now 6:52am.  You have to be in the car by 7am to make it to the bus on time.  If you can make your own breakfast in the next twelve seconds, we have a deal.
Endless shuffling with slices of swiss and whole wheat.  Walks over to George Foreman, still encrusted with last nights morrocan marvel chicken.
“How in the world (yes, I cleaned it up for you) am I supposed to make grilled cheese now?”
I heroically turn the toaster on its side.  Put the grilled cheese in the toaster.  I saw it on Pinterest.
“Mum, are you SURE this is a good idea?”
Yes, I promise you it’ll work, I saw it on Pinterest.
Husband: Do you want your latte in a to-go cup?
Me (in my head): No. I want to leisurely sit on the promenade deck and sip it while leafing through Italian Vogue.  That’s why I am breaking lasagna noodles into a crockpot before 7am.
Me (in real life): Thanks, Sweetie, that’d be great.
Kitchen fills with smoke.
They didn’t mention this on Pinterest.
Somehow, grilled cheese managed to not cook and to smoke up kitchen.
Take raw grilled cheese and toss in microwave hoping no one would notice.
“This grilled cheese is soggy.”
“How come you never make English muffins?”
Morals of the Story:  Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest, If you don’t clean the George Foreman as soon as you’re finished using it you have only yourself to thank, Husbands that make coffee in the morning are the best, Twelve year old boys should not be allowed to watch the Food Network.
Come back tomorrow for Mrs. Figby’s EPIC Fauxtisserie chicken. I have to post it right before the weekend because it will allow you to enjoy it for several days!


  1. Alissa says:

    Love it. Hilarious. I am definitely more of an Amy type but I secretly envy the Susans of this world. Don’t believe everything you see online, even if it’s a clever Instagram picture.

  2. Melissa says:

    Great piece….I was wondering about the grilled cheese in the toaster oven. I was actually thinking of trying it but now I have Amy to thank for averting a possible kitchen disaster!

  3. M. says:

    My daughter used to take a melted in a microwave cheese sandwich to school for years. My now 11 year old watches too much food network. ;) Love your post!

  4. Lisa says:

    I love that! We laughed out loud! I can totally picture the chaos

  5. Elizabeth from NL says:

    Love It!!!!
    Great story Amy! I will repress the impulse to try it!!!