As Seen on Pinterest: Guest Post #1 Melissa’s Pepperoni Cheese Stick Rolls

I’m Pinterest obsessed. And I’m dealing invites left and right like the best crack-dealer on the corner. In fact, I have hooked so many of my friends, they are chomping at the bit the submit guest posts for the As Seen on Pinterest series. The only reason Melissa got first dibs is that she wrote it AND submitted a picture first.


Because of my new addiction to Pinterest, I find myself browsing through tons of recipes that look good to me but am not sure I will ever have the time to make. I actually have a huge archive box of recipes from magazines, newspapers, online recipes and scribbles on paper of recipes that sound amazing but Ithink i have only made about 10% of them. But it’s my hobby and I do love reading cookbooks and thinking of extravagant menus to make based on my collection.

Last week, I was browsing through pintrest when I came across this recipe for Pepperonni Cheese Stick Roll Up and they looked delish. I pinned it and made a mental note to make them. While I was at the grocery store yesterday, I found the dough on sale (you are supposed to use croissant dough) and it reminded me of the recipe. I promptly bought the dough and the other two ingredients i needed: cheese sticks and pepperonni (Yves Veggie). I was also toying with the idea of adding tomato sauce…….

I made them as an addition to supper in case they weren’t good. I added a small amount of tomato sauce to give it some added flavor. I made 8 of them, four with pepperoni and four without. This is the picture of what was left by the time I went to take a picture. they were really yummy! The only thing is that if you put too much cheese, it oozes put when cooking. But i tucked the cheese back in and they were yummy!!!

Definatly something I would make again!


  1. Intelligent post! Looking forward to reading more!