As Seen on Pinterest: Cheesy Mushroom pull-apart bread

We are all doing it. Pinning things on Pinterest and thinking: I have to try that, I can totally make that, this looks great…. Last night, I had a dinner consisting of all recipes I saw on Pinterest and a photobooth for the kids, which was also inspired by a few pins I saw. So, this new series of posts will be just that: As Seen on Pinterest. What happens when you actually try to make something you see on your boards.

I already have a few in reserve, but let’s start with the absolute crowd favorite: the Cheesy Mushroom Pull Apart Bread
(PS as a rule, I will try to link to the originator of the project, not the pinner)

I took a loaf of whole-wheat kamut bread from the very granola-bakery in the village and cut it as instructed.
  *TIP: for the cross-cuts, instead of struggling with the knife, I used my kitchen shears! Snip Snip! I made those cross-cuts in no time, and the bread didn’t tear or rip.

 I used provolone slices and cut them into strips, which I layed into all the cuts, both ways….. we liked it extra cheesy! I happened to have fresh rosemary instead of thyme, personally, I love mushrooms and rosemary, and since it got all eaten up, I’m going to guess the guests did too!
 The finished product. I should have taken a picture of people digging in! One of the kids pretty much made a main course out of it, and we had to leave a knife in it because once we got to the ‘core’ of the bread, people’s hands were getting a bit messy! but this recipe was super easy and the final product looked as good as the pin!