My Pinterest Party

A few weeks back, I had this idea to gather all my pin-sane friends for a Pinterest Party. I am happy to report that last night, they all brought their A-game to my house and we had a fabulous evening. As you flip through the gallery of the evening, please note that what you don’t see are the CONTAINERS, BOXES, A COOLER and several CARRIER BAGS that these ladies brought and were hidden to the sides!

There were cocktails, wine, even 2 kinds of flavored ice cubes! We started with a few savory items, but really, this was a dessert-fest! SO. MANY. SWEETS! I am still adding pins as I find them and remember them, but you can find them all in our official Pinterest Party board, which of course includes links back to the recipes or tutorials. As time permits over the next few days, I will post about my own pins and the tips that I have to add, and if any of my pinterest-buddies want to guest post about the process of making their pins, this is my invitation to do so.