383 stitches that are going to kill me!

have you ever started a project and thought ‘What have I done?’

Well, this is one of those projects…. On paper, this cape is not so hard: knitted in one piece, LOTS of cables, but nothing really too difficult about it….

except it’s 383 stitches…. The ribs were easy: K1P1 for 6.5 cm, which it turns out takes an entire skein! Oh and by the way, I ended up knitting while walking! I didn’t plan on it, I was holding my needles in my hand, yarn tucked under my arm, on my way to school to pick up my kid and half-way through the park, i realised I was knitting. It was completely unconscious, it just happened, my hands started knitting and I did an entire row of K1P1 by the time I got to school!

But then, once the ribs are done, those 383 stitches have to be set up for 13 sets of cables…. Again, not actually hard, just a ton of different numbers of K and Ps…. but I have done the set up row 3 times now and not once was it right! So now I have written out the entire thing on the back of the pattern, I’m putting the TV on pause and I’m trying again, and if it doesn’t work, I’m going back to making scarves for teddy bears!