Let me throw a party for you


A few weeks ago, I helped a friend spruce up her house for a little get-together she was having. Total cost, under 30$ of supplies and about 3 hours of my time. Which gave me an idea. I love parties. I love decorating for parties. Let *ME* help *YOU* spruce up for your parties! Doesn't have to be … [Continue reading]

My secret trick for the big letters


There are tons of tutorials online for making big letters that look like neon signs. I make them over and over again, as seen in my last post. I'm about to give you my trick..... I don't use a hot glue gun, on any type of glue at all..... … [Continue reading]

Crafting up a storm


It's crazy that I haven't blogged anything, because I promise you, I have been crafting up a storm!   I have decided to be much more … [Continue reading]



This will forever be known as the Cancer Sweater of Doom. I was kent to finish it after surgery to keep me warm in the chemo room. But cables plus … [Continue reading]

Craft-a-Day: Pincushion


I've been working on 2 long-haul projects: finishing a cardigan and finishing a crochet afghan. Both of these projects are tedious for similar … [Continue reading]

Mega inspiration wall


Now that I have decided to do something crafty every day, the first step was to work on the craft room a bit. I didn't have anything on the walls and … [Continue reading]